The VR42 is an intelligent dual interface wireless mesh video router built for transmitting and receiving camera video streams, sensor data, and other security related information. It creates self forming, self healing, encryption protected mesh networks that provide consistent and reliable service. Each unit supports all modes of operation: Egress, Repeater, or Camera Node.


  • Dual Radio Interfaces provide frequency diversity and allow packets to be hopped between units with little throughput loss
  • Large physical networks may be easily broken into smaller more manageable networks providing great scalability
  • All transmitted data is automatically AES encrypted
  • Graphical network view and configuration tool for single point configuration and management
  • Integrated GPS automatically calculates optimal wireless timing parameters between units and shows link distances in the graphical network view
  • Two external Ethernet ports allow connecting two IP cameras per unit
  • Serial data interface provides virtual serial cable emulation
  • POE or external DC power input allow for AC, PPU, solar, or portable battery pack power options
  • Includes easy to use mounting hardware adaptable for both fixed and portable deployments


Product Information