The ReconPro combines video analytics, sensors, and RFID to form a versatile platform used for surveillance and reconnaissance. It uses combinations of video analytics, sensors and RFID to provide instant video and/or text alerts when certain events occur. It is perfect for monitoring remote locations, recording and/or transmitting video clips when events of interest occur.

The system provides real-time feedback of events from camera locations by sending informative text, snapshots, and video clips when triggered by video analytics and/or sensors, or by request. Messages can be sent to any cell phone, smart phone, or computer capable of receiving text messages or email.


  • Combines analytics with physical sensors to greatly outperform traditional systems
  • Edge based operation which eliminates the need to setup expensive networks and servers
  • Custom developed video analytics with tight sensor integration
  • RFID tags can be set to cause or prevent alerts and corresponding actions
  • Compatible with both wireless and wired sensors
  • Dual built-in wireless interfaces provide easy access for setup and operation
  • Fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal camera options available
  • Flexible mounting options and low power requirements make installation easy
  • Browser based, no software to install. Accessable by any browser capable device


The ReconPro can use physical sensors to respond to an action such as a gate opening. The ReconPro can also use its optional sensor controller interface hardware to open and/or close gates when a configured RFID tag or tags are in the area.



The ReconPro's video analytics are highly refined. This is demonstrated by the ReconPro's speed calculation feature which can measure the velocity of a vehicle passing through multiple zones. In this instance a thermal camera was used. The Reconpro is capable of measuring high and low speeds.