Perpetual Power Unit Enterprise Server (PPU Server)

Management is a critical function when dealing with larger networks. It is an absolute key part of running a successful large network. Without a tool to monitor and proactively manage the sites, performance will suffer. The PPU Enterprise Server monitors each site via an encrypted connection and immediately notifies appropriate personnel when any potential problems occur. All the current data for all sites is always at your fingertips - from highly technical data like voltage levels to mission critical functions like security status. Since the server is web based, no special software is required to access it.

A single server can scale to thousands of remote sites. It maintains the current status of each site. Access to each site is simple. When a user logs into the server, a link for each site in the network (in the user's authorized group) is displayed. Getting a snapshot of a site or directly connecting to a site takes only a couple clicks. So even though a network may consist of many different types of sites (e.g. some solar, some constant power, etc.), a consistent and reliable access and management method is provided by the server.

Of course, access to the site equipment can also be accomplished using other tools. All NVRs and similar tools work well with the PPU server when alternate access is desired.

The PPU server is typically a small 1U rack mount server with redundant hardware.